Have Fun
When you are enjoying yourself you're happy, when you're happy you're healthy. Let Dak Bar fuel your passion, so you can live your adventure.

Eat Well
DAK Bars go big...no skimpy bars here. Let’s be honest about our hard-working appetites! Each 2.5 ounce DAK Bar is made to sustain you for hours, so you can do what you love, longer. It’s an entire protein-packed meal in an easily accessible form.
Each of the DAK Bar ingredients has been carefully considered for nutritional completeness, health boosting capabilities, and great taste. Each bar provides lasting energy with a balanced 40:30:30 ratio of protein, carbs and fats to keep you moving for hours.

Whole Foods - Whole Energy
DAK Bar strives to use only whole foods in our products, in as pure a state as possible, with nothing that makes you feel wonky. Your body utilizes whole foods more efficiently, transforming nature’s goodness into greater power and energy so you can get out there and do what you love.

Whole foods are what nature provides, with all its edible parts, in all the right proportions. We are designed to eat what the earth provides—in its original form. When we eat close to the ground, all of the original nutrients can be used for energy by the body. When our bodies consume foods that are not whole—missing parts of their original nutrients—it will recognize the deficiency and respond, usually in the form of ill health. We keep the food whole so it can keep you well!

Crafted by Hand
Dak Bars are mindfully handcrafted with the intention of bringing health and energy to all who eat them. By using our hands we can see and feel the consistency of each batch of Dak Bars to be sure that the quality is what we expect and want to give to you.

Community Health
Dak Bars are crafted with YOU in mind. We believe that a healthy, happy individual contributes to a healthy community. We aim to foster community connections with all our Adirondack neighbors, walking on two legs or four. We are continually forming networks with local organizations to promote the health of the Adirondacks by bringing awareness to ways you can protect, inform, and recreate in the place we love

See our Community Page for more information about the Adirondack area and our partners.