Wherever you go, take a bite of the Adirondacks with you.

1% Wild

The Adirondacks have a flavor of their own; it's an untamed experience, it's a wild inspiration, and now it's in a bar.  With every Dak Bar sold, we give back 1% of our profits to environmental organizations that protect the Adirondacks and the wild places we love to play in.

Whole food energy | Untamed flavors

Our whole food energy bars offer serious nutrition and exceptional taste with ingredients as close to nature as possible  –  just completely identifiable food that your body knows what to do with.

  • Unaltered sources of protein from nuts & seeds release their full potential to sustain you for hours.
  • Unprocessed fat sources from butter and coconut are easily broken down and utilized for lasting energy.
  • Untamed sweetness from honey & maple syrup are used sparingly to give consistent fuel without the crash.

See what others are saying about the adventures we've fueled.

Hiking boots?...check, poles?...check, water?...check, DAK BARS?...how many?? The BEAR is my favorite, the MOOSE is my husband's and we never leave on a hike without them in the pack.  They are seriously delicious with all natural ingredients, unlike any other energy bars. They helped us to become ADK 46ers, providing that much needed energy for both the final push to summit the peaks and then the long and draining treks out. I remember needing to hike the final five miles after summiting Allen and feeling completely depleted when we took a quick break.  Shortly after consuming my BEAR I felt like I had rocket boosters attached to my backside propelling me forward and giving me the renewed energy to finish the hike...couldn't have done it without'em!!

Bethany T.

Essex, NY

Dak Bars have been a mainstay of my diet on all my conservation treks, including my 7600 mile ramble from Florida to Quebec in 2011 (Trek East) to scout a future Eastern Wildway.  Dak Bars are healthy, organic, and delicious: ideal snacks for all outings -- and even for indoor time, such as most of us are now enduring, during the pandemic.  I hope to soon work with Dak Bars on a Puma bar to promote restoring the East's greatest missing predator.

John D.

Rewilding Earth (rewilding.org) editor and scout

The only bars that come close to these are made in Australia and no longer imported to the USA. I was overjoyed to discover DAK bars. They are devoid of that saccharine quality of most bars, but taste sweet and fantastic nonetheless. I highly recommend!

Katherine E.

Madison, WI

These bars were crafted by someone who has a sense of understanding of gourmet combinations and luxurious textures. The seeds give energy that lasts, the nuts give protein that is filling and sustaining while the blended combinations of fruit and chocolate gives unique flavor, finally, the addition of the correct amounts of either honey or maple syrup binds the ingredients together to give a texture that is unexpectedly moist and satisfying.

Esther H.

Oxford, NY

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